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Frequently asked questions about the CLC Production Team


A1 (Front-of-House) — x1

  • Operates the mixing board located in the Auditorium and controls the mix that the audience hears

  • Responsible for setting up the FOH console on Saturday and Sunday rehearsals as well as building the audience mix for the Sunday worship service

  • Prepare and test all equipment required for the worship service

  • Confirm sound checks for communicator, musicians, baptism and playback sources as needed


  • Operates the media computer and controls the visuals that the audience sees during the service.

  • Responsible for entering the songs and any media components for the Sunday service.

  • Tests all equipment required for the worship service.


How do you organize volunteers?


We formulate an open rotation (as opposed to “fixed” teams) each month using the online production scheduling software Planning Center Online. There's also a tech schedule created every week that serves as a roadmap to Sunday morning programming elements.


How do you recruit volunteers?


Although there's an annual, church-wide volunteer recruitment week, we find that most of our volunteers come to us on referral from existing volunteers. We ask that all potential team members complete an application and interview process. This helps us determine if the volunteer would be a good fit for our team and helps us decide what area on the production team would benefit the most from their interests and skills.


How do you train your volunteers?


We rely heavily on mentor-apprentice relationships between veteran volunteers and new trainees. A new volunteer will shadow and train alongside one of our seasoned “pros” before going solo.  We also host advanced training sessions throughout the year to revisit mission and purpose, align team strategy, and improve skills.


How many production volunteers serve each Sunday?


At CLC wit requires 2 volunteers to cover production tasks each Sunday depending on the complexity of the service. Below is a listing of standard positions and  their responsibilities.



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